23827 Lierna (LC), Via Roma 170
+39 366 9840093
Allegra Beta
Allegra Beta
Lierna (LC)
  • 80from
  • 5.75 M40 HP7

It’s the perfect open space boat to have fun with friends and guests on board and the arrangement of indoor spaces allows to move freely, safely and calmly.

The big forward space, set up with removable cushions easy to put or remove, makes it easy to understand that this is a boat designed for those who love relaxing and sunbathing in complete peace. Thanks to its peaks you can stow items and equipment in the boat, which makes the trampling floor free to be walked safely.

Even the central console unit stands out for its fresh and well cared design, its wide dashboard allows to install easily any electronic device like Gps, depth finder, compass and engine instrumentation. With a comfortable and spacious driving seat the driver will be able to seat properly and in this way always being able to be alert while sailing and most importantly to take care of the guests on board.

Requirements: driver’s majority

Boat type:Motor boat
Power:40 HP
Crew number:7


  • Board equipment
  • Kids' life vesting
  • Stepladder
  • Tarp
  • Central unit
  • Radio with AUX cable
  • Sunbathing area


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Phone: +39 366 9840093
23827 Lierna (LC), Via Roma 170